Chrome-Dog #1 - Perfect Strangers

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  • Funding $3,801
  • Goal $2,500
  • Backers 88
  • Avg Contribution $43
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Superhero


Creative Team

Chrome-Dog Issue #1 chronicles the life of Scratch, a blue-collar gig worker who happens to be a big, metal werewolf. He's trapped in a strange world where his skill set allows him to find jobs, but not all of them are legal. Don't let him fool you, this metal mutt has a heart of gold!

After awakening in an unfamiliar place, Scratch the Chrome-Dog has no recollection of his former life. However, as if driven by some sort of instinct inside, he assumes the role of a workaholic freelancer in Epsilon City (aka Sector Epsilon). Scratch finds himself working contract jobs among clean-up crews, event security staffers, criminals, detectives, and he has even landed a day job as mascot for Cerulean Park near the Gossamer Bay pier.

One day while selling plushies to carnival patrons on the midway, Scratch sees two park employees commit a crime that he simply cannot abide. Little does he know, Scratch's next move might just determine his destiny here in Epsilon City...

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