Cash Grab. The Graphic Novel By Cecil

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  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $284,292
  • Goal $500
  • Backers 4480
  • Avg Contribution $63
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Comedy


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After a lifetime of decadence comes crashing down, Cecil seeks redemption as NY's newest Super Hero.

CECIL– a man whose huge appetites are only exceeded by his immense sense of entitlement! His life of excess has cost him everything— his wealth, his career and even his family! After being thrown out of his sister Judy's home, he has hit rock bottom and wants to make amends for a lifetime of selfishness and decadence. When NYC's resident superhero, The Winged Fox, goes missing, Cecil sees this as his opportunity to step up and fill the void. Will this be the road to redemption or is he just some old asshole? 

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