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The next chapter of the CYBERFROG saga, the biggest crowdfunded comic of all time.

It's 2018, twenty years after the VYZPZZ invasion.  CYBERFROG has reunited with his friend HEATHER SWAIN, who is surviving in the New Jersey Pine Barrens with her ten year old daughter LILY and others.

They live by these four rules:

1. STAY IN THE TREES: The Vyzpzz have demonstrated that they have trouble maneuvering in the forest.

2. STAY NEAR THE SMOKE: Survivors keep bonfires going constantly.  The Vyzpzz are repelled by smoke and fire.

3. STAY CALM: The Vyzpzz are intoxicated by panic and fear.

4. ALWAYS WEAR RED: The Vyzpzz can't see the color red.  Wearing red cloaks makes you invisible to them.

The survivors believe that they are safely hidden, and have been living in relative safety for years.  But the return of CYBERFROG brings trouble.  Big trouble.

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