Darkfall: Tales from the End of the World

Campaign Details

  • Launch Date 03-31-2019
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Horror


Creative Team

  • Writer Chris Rabideau
  • ContributorLuca Cicognola
  • ContributorLettersquids

An expansive story covering mankinds decades long struggle against a mysterious darkness destroying all life on earth. Is there a Light to balance out the Dark?

This is a story about a force of Darkness destroying the earth.  The effects are subtle at first, but rapidly become too overt to ignore.  Only after hundreds of millions of deaths and the appearance of horrible monsters does humanity begin to learn to fight back.  Or can they only learn to survive in this newly changed world?

This story is told in separate but interconnected stories involving different people, in different places and at different points in time during the greatest crises the world has ever known.

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