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  • Genre(s) Dark-Modern-Fantasy & Horror


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Evan Mulad is cursed to share his body with the NightDog, a gruesome dream-eating beast. He's using its powers to seek out who cursed his family and force them to undo the hex, but the abilities are addictive — he fiends for them like a drug, losing more of himself with every use. Soon there will be no more of Evan left, and then only the NightDog will remain. 

Evan Mulad is a NightDog, a human sharing their body with a gruesome creature that feeds on human emotion, especially terror. On his 18th birthday he killed his best friend and lover, eating her dreams and consuming her life through blood. 

His mother was ready for it. She summoned an Uncle that Evan never knew existed. His Uncle answered her call and performed a painful ancient rite on Evan — one that bound the fates of the NightDog, Evan, and his mother together forever. 

The only way to save Evan, was to chain the NightDog within him, and let them fight it out. Now that the NightDog is in her son, she can't die until it does. She's cursed to watch her son live in agony. 

Now Evan must break the curse, or doom both himself and his mother. He has to use its abilities to atone , but they're a mortal addiction, because the more he gives in to the hunger, the less of him that will remain. Until there is only — The NightDog.