Tales From Neroesville: Issues 1, 2, and 3

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $1,104
  • Goal $2,500
  • Backers 55
  • Avg Contribution $20
  • Genre(s) Superhero & Action/Adventure


Creative Team

  • ContributorD Jason Meadows
  • ContributorAndi Kurniawan
  • ContributorRandy Sargent
  • ContributorJim McMunn

<style type="text/css"> </style> Neroesville has more Super Heroes any other city in the world. Awesome! It also has more Super Villains. Not so awesome. Living here is unlike living anywhere else. Every day is an adventure. Here's hoping you live to tell about it!

TFN is a book with no singular star. The city itself serves as the backdrop for our entire universe with different stars and story types in each arc.This allows creators to tell a multitude of stories in many different genres. Knuckle Supper Studios is making comics fun again. Remember the 80's indie boom? That's what we want to bring back. Escapism with no morals or PC BS, etc jammed down your throat. Entertainment is the goal, and that's what's going to keep you coming back. Good stories, good art, good times

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