'THIN BLUE LINE' the Graphic Novel by Mike Baron

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Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status InDemand
  • Funding $95,237
  • Goal $8,000
  • Backers 1805
  • Avg Contribution $52
  • Genre(s) Crime & Thriller


Creative Team

  • Writer Mike Baron
  • Penciller Gage Giunta
  • Finishes & InksJeff Slemons
  • ArtistIchsan Ansori
  • LettererWarren Montgomery


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After a police shooting, raging mobs burn down the city as two cops fight to save their community... and for their own survival.

Thin Blue Line is a gripping and entertaining story that offers an unblinking look at human fallibility on every level. Readers will follow the harrowing journey of two law enforcement officers who must fight for their community and their own survival in a world gone mad.

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