Chaotic Flux #3: Relentless - Can get 1-2 as well

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  • Genre(s) Sci-Fi & Action/Adventure & Horror


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Zithara must put an end to the RELENTLESS Dreadfiend mutation, now in a new and more devastating form, by pushing herself like you've never seen before. But even if she does end this monstrous nightmare, a torrent of new challenges will be pouring her way.

Chaotic Flux #2 left Zithara, a powerful hybrid alien warrior, surprised by a Dreadfiend's new extreme mutation. Now in a new and greatly more devastating form, this reborn monster won't stop at nothing until it gets it's revenge on her by ripping her apart just before devouring her rare hybrid flesh.

But even if she survives this new horror, the twisted cyborg Lt. Vladic is also waiting for his chance to finally bring the elusive Zithara to his master, Thraxus Prime. As Lt. Vladic will unknowingly kick off a series of events that will begin Zithara on a new path daring heroics with an exo-suit pilot named Sorin and an highly advanced A.I. war machine named Strife. Giving way to the origin of the super team The Crimson Flame, humanity's last hope for survival.

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